Spray Warmers

Spray Warmers

The Busse/SJI Spray Warmer is designed to meet any cold filled beverage processing requirement.

Built from the finest materials the modular, robust, stainless steel construction combines first class workmanship, safety and reliability.  Available heating methods include shell and tube, plate and frame and direct injection steam or hot water heat exchangers. Available options include steam control packages, condensate return systems, infeed and discharge conveyors and clean in-place systems.  Other options are available that enable Busse/SJI to customize each Spray Warmer to specific application requirements.

Completely re-engineered for the 21st century, the Busse/SJI Spray Warmer will exceed your highest expectations. From a foundation of proven machine design principles, Busse/SJI has developed and incorporated many new innovative features into a truly superior Spray Warmer design.

Some options available are high performance water heating, clean in-place systems, and automatic cool-down and low temperature sensors.  Other options are available based on specific customer requirements.


Key Standard Features

  • All stainless steel T304 construction.
  • Precise automated seam welding.
  • Stainless steel drive and idle shafts.
  • Babbitted center bearings for durability and long life.
  • Heavy duty polypropylene transport chain.
  • Stainless steel piping systems.
  • Sloped sump bottoms for easier cleaning.
  • High volume, low pressure close coupled stainless steel spray pumps.
  • Double screen drop boxes.Isolation valves for quick change pump maintenance.
  • Large orifice spray nozzles to eliminate nozzle plugging.
  • Wide angle full cone spray pattern for reduced nozzle count.
  • Flow-Through transport bed for maximum heat transfer.
  • Large access doors for easy cleanout.
  • Thermometers and Pressure gauges at all pump headers.
  • Heavy duty shaft mounted main drive.
  • Inside belt returns for drip free plant floors.
  • NEMA 4X control panel with micro PLC and AC inverter for main warmer drive.
  • Air knife water blow off system.
  • Pre-wiring of warmer with rigid galvanized conduit.

Available Options

  • High or low pressure steam shell and tube water heating systems.
  • Gas fired water heating systems.
  • Condensate return pumps.
  • Observation windows.
  • Marine lighting.
  • Forced air evacuation to control overheat.
  • Rotary spray Clean-In-Place or Boil-Out systems.
  • Advanced PLC controls with graphical user interface.
  • Custom designed and precision fit infeed and discharge conveyor systems.
  • Dynamic transfers and small pitch transport chain for “no deadplate” transfers. Automatic water temperature control/dew point monitoring systems.
  • Discharge line switch shutdown system.
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Picture of Busse/SJI Corporation Spray Warmer